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Denim Apron

Denim Apron

Heart in Filigree


This Denim apron with a heart of Viana, cross stitch embroidery, is an iconic piece of Portugeuse Filigree! These representative adornments of Portuguese jewelry integrate the traditional costume of the Minho and Douro Littoral regions, representing objects of social prestige for those who wore them. They were used on festive occasions, accentuating the graciousness of the traditional wedding dress or costume of the female folk dancers.


The apron is a curious piece! Nowadays we look at it only as a way to protect our clothes. In the past, on one hand it was used to emphasize a certain social condition, the maids, who would open the door and wore aprons with ruffles and laces. On the other hand, it was part of the costume used in festivities and in this context they would appear as objects rich in details that filled those who wore it with pride!


This apron fulfills its function and still allows you to always have on hand the objects you need more! Dedication and affection are the main spices to prepare a meal for those we love the most.


Adult size apron. Made in Portugal.

Package Contains: 1 Apron Approximately 0.75 lb.

$49.99 each

on sale $39.99 each