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Soaps Gift Box

The Soaps Gift Box features Portuguese scents from two of the oldest and most illustrious manufacturers in Portugal, including Confiança and Ach. Brito.


Portugalia Marketplace Soaps Box Includes:

1 - Confiança Captivating Citric Aromatic Diffuser

1 - Confiança Risus Tropical Summer

1 - Confiança Donkey Milk Soap

1 - Ach. Brito Aloe Vera Soap

1 - Ach. Brito Musgo Soap

1 - Ach. Brito Luxo Banho Soap


This Soaps Gift Box will arrive as is wrapped in bubble wrap.


Gift box is used from recycled wooden wine boxes and therefore no two wine boxes are the same. 

Package Contains: 6 Items

$59.99 each