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Queijo de Nisa

Cured Sheep Cheese

Queijo de Nisa Cured Sheep Cheese. It is a cured cheese, with a semi-hard paste which is yellowish white in tone, closed, and with small holes, obtained by slowly draining off the curd, after the unpasteurized, pure sheep's milk has coagulated. 


This cheese is manufactured in the traditional way, although it complies with the rules imposed by the Protected Designation of Origin. For example, the sheep which produce the milk which will be turned into Queijo de Nisa come from a geographical area which encompasses the counties of Nisa, Castelo de Vide, Marvão, Crato, Portalegre, Monforte, Arronches and Alter do Chão. This cheese is already well known due to its appearance and to the intense flavor which characterizes it. 

Package Contains: Approximately 0.65 lb.

$24.99 each

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