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Ach. Brito

Simbolos Lusitanos Soap Collection

The Simbolos Lusitanos Collection is a collection of soaps that celebrate's Portuguese iconography in an elegant white and golden gift box. Each soap is produced with a 100% vegetable soap base and enriched with olive oil. Enjoy the traditional and exclusive fragrances!


Simbolos Lusitanos Collection Includes:


1 - Ouro Soap: Rockrose and Chamomile scented soap.


1 - Fado Soap: Lavender and Jasmine scented soap.


1 - Galo Soap: Thyme and Orange scented soap.


1 - Mar Soap: Algae and Salt Flower scented soap.


1 - Azulejo Soap: Honey and Rosemary scented soap.


1 - Popular Soap: Basil and Pine scented soap.

Package Contains: 6x75g

$20.99 each